Examination Rules

  • All photographs to be used for the school purpose and attestation to be done in school uniform.
  • Cyclists are forbidden to ride in the school compound and other motor vehicles are not allowed in the premises.
  • The student who damaged desk, tables, Lab equipments etc. must pay for the damage.
  • No pupil will be permitted to go home during class hours.
  • Every parent/guardian is expected to take the responsibility of punctuality, discipline and good behaviour of your ward in the premises of the school.
  • Inspite of repeated warning, if a student refuses to mend her ways in the premises of the school, such a student will be asked to leave the school at the end of the session.
  • STUDENTS are not permitted to bring mobile phones to the School.
  • Faith in God, sincerity, gratitude, respect and obedience to elders, hard work, sharing, helping, simplicity, conversing in English with good manners, etiquettes, etc, are some of the values that are imparted to the pupils in the school. The parents are requested to pay attention to the above and help them to follow these at home too so that they grow up well and achieve the desired goal.
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