Chairperson Message

You are in the midst of very hectic schedule of house–hold activities, studies and exams. Some of you found it rather tiring while most of you have the idea of working and playing, treating the school as your home that develops your talents and help in intimating real values of lie. Participating in house functions, taking lesson in art, clay modeling, music dance, sports etc. Will help in adding excitement to your time spent in the wonderful school. Co-operation should never be compromised upon.

Always stand up for what is right education is expensive but its values are unlimited. It will take you to the path of stars where you ever wanted to be. Every minute of your school life is precious so do not let it slip from your hands. We are always proud of you and you must remain proud of this loving home of education. Always keep the motto of your school in your mind.

AV International Public School is constantly innovating its process and striving to achieve new break through in education. Your success will be our reward.

All the best!

Mrs. Sunita setia

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